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What I Learned from Writing and Publishing My First Book

Updated: Apr 30

The phrase "You should write a book" was a regular refrain from my friend and inspiration, Hope Cross. Despite the encouragement, I struggled with the idea, weighing the benefits against the enormous time commitment. However, a year after embracing my role as a tiny superhero's parent, I found the right motivation—and I finally did it!

I’d love to say it was easy. I’d equally love to say it was hard. Truthfully, it was both. Here are four key lessons from my journey of writing and publishing a book on Amazon KDP.

1. Self-Publishing on a Budget

If you're a new author with financial constraints, self-publishing on Amazon offers significant advantages. The platform's user-friendly nature was indispensable. Features like ordering author copies, accessing proof copies, and utilizing guides on formatting and editing were invaluable. Additionally, there's a plethora of instructional videos on YouTube that helped me navigate the initial learning curve. For first-time authors looking to minimize expenses, I highly recommend Amazon KDP.

2. The Rigors of Editing and Formatting

Never underestimate the time editing and formatting will take. My initial "Final Draft" underwent numerous revisions, eventually becoming, "Final with More Edits and Fixed Formatting and I Hate Margins but I Get It Draft."

Unless you're a professional editor, seek help. Friends and family provided crucial feedback, and AI software helped smooth out spelling and grammatical errors. Leverage your network to manage these labor-intensive tasks.

3. Accepting Imperfections

It’s nearly impossible to publish a flawless book on a tight budget. Even after all the revisions, when I received my printed copy, I spotted errors I had missed. I’ve decided not to dwell on these imperfections but to learn from them for future projects. Strive for perfection, but understand that some mistakes are inevitable.

4. Choosing a Passionate Topic

For your first book, choose a subject you're deeply passionate about. My emotional investment in the topic drove me to complete the project against all odds. Passion provides the motivation needed to push through the countless obstacles that will arise. No matter how good your topic is, it will be hard to prioritize "writing time" if it doesn't connect with you on a personal level.


I did it, and so can you! Writing and publishing a book is a monumental task, but with the right tools, support, and passion, it's certainly achievable. Embark on your writing journey with enthusiasm and resilience, and remember that every author's path is uniquely challenging and rewarding.

If you’re curious to see the end result of my journey, please check out my book here. I would greatly appreciate it if you could purchase a copy and leave a review. Sharing your thoughts helps me and supports the community of new authors.

When you publish your book, let me know. I'd love to return the favor and support you! You got this and happy writing!


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