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"If you give a plant soil, water, and sunshine, it will grow upwards towards the light."

Mission: Speak4MC believes that any person, organization, and community can grow and is dedicated to supporting that cause. Speak4MC provides services inspired by collaboration, optimism, and empathy designed to inspire short and long-term change.

Vision: To become the world's most trusted source for inspirational content that influences positive change, raises awareness, and disrupts the status quo.

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Leading Motivational Trainer and Speaker

Speak4MC delivers education and motivation to a variety of audiences with notorious enthusiasm. Through Motivational Interviewing (MI) training, expert advice, and inspiration, we help your team engage clients, surpass performance goals and boost organizational morale through newfound confidence. Memorable engagements with Speak4MC deliver proven, actionable content to propel you into the next season of your mission.

We believe that improving staff morale, reducing turnover, and strengthening program performance all begin with inspiring your team to wholeheartedly pursue their passion with the right tools in hand. That’s why we’re proud to work collaboratively with your team to develop unique training, speaking, and coaching that’s customized to fit your needs, customer contracts, and company culture

"Curtis has a natural ability and enthusiasm to engage his audience. It is a guarantee you will walk away from a training sessions motivated and ready to tackle your goals."

Ana Lewis - Vice President of Operations 

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"I want to impact organizations across the country by providing tools, motivation and support that will allow them to positively influence the lives of others. There is no better feeling than helping someone grow."

I began working with the most at-risk teens in Florida in 2014. Seeking a new tool to engage and retain them, I discovered the power of Motivational Interviewing (MI), and it quickly became my most effective approach to positively inspire others.

In September of 2021, I decided to pursue my dream of starting a company rooted in MI principles with the goal of positively influencing change across the country. 

I am married with two dogs and have an unhealthy love of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mr. Wats (my dog) and the Bucs make special appearances at every workshop. Lol.

You have been warned! 

Contact Curtis today and influence change together!

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