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About Curtis Campogni

"If you give a plant soil, water, and sunshine, it will grow upwards towards the light."

While working with at-risk teens in 2014, Curtis sought new tools to engage and inspire them. He soon discovered Motivational Interviewing (MI) and quickly learned the power of intrinsic motivation and empathy. Today, Curtis operates Speak 4 Motivating Change (Speak4MC), a company founded on the belief that any person or organization can grow if given appropriate tools, resources, and motivation. Curtis is the son of a teacher, the husband of a social worker, and the father of an amazing little girl. Curtis is humbled to be allowed to speak with professionals who understand the power of learning and positive change.


"If you give a plant soil, water, and sunshine, it will grow upwards towards the light."

Mission: Speak4MC believes that any person, organization, and community can grow and is dedicated to supporting that cause. Speak4MC provides services inspired by collaboration, optimism, and empathy designed to inspire short and long-term change.

Vision: To become the world's most trusted source for inspirational content that influences positive change, raises awareness, and disrupts the status quo.



Leading Motivational Trainer and Speaker

At Speak4MC, we aim to empower individuals and organizations through services inspired by collaboration, optimism, and empathy designed to inspire short and long-term change. Training is powerful and can shape relationships, drive change, and achieve success. With this belief in mind, we have built a company that connects people with tools designed to inspire change.

Our founder, Curtis Campogni, has always been passionate about the impact of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and the power of empathic communication. Throughout his professional journey, he witnessed the transformative potential of MI techniques in various industries and settings. Curtis recognized the need for a company that could bring together the principles of MI with real-life, practical experiences; thus, Speak4MC was born.

Curtis brings years of experience in public speaking, persuasion, and interpersonal training. He is a highly sought-after leader and has worked with clients from diverse backgrounds. Curtis believes everyone has a unique story to tell and is committed to helping individuals and organizations maximize their strengths while improving areas for growth.

At Speak4MC, we take pride in helping our customers succeed. We offer a wide range of services to meet the training needs of individuals and organizations alike. Our services include one-on-one coaching, group workshops, and customized training strategies tailored to your goals.










What sets Speak4MC apart is our commitment to personalized and tailored solutions. We recognize that every individual and organization is unique, so we take the time to understand your specific objectives, challenges, and aspirations. Our communicators will work closely with you to develop a customized plan that addresses your needs and helps you achieve your desired training outcomes.

Speak4MC is more than just a training company; it is a community of individuals who share the goal of inspiring change. We support and encourage one another, fostering growth and development. When you collaborate with Speak4MC, you become part of a network, passionate about effective training, and committed to helping each other succeed.

We invite you to explore our website and learn how Speak4MC can help advance your training skills. Whether you are seeking personal growth or an organization looking to enhance your team's training abilities, we are here to support you every step of the way. Together, let's empower ourselves and others through the power of MI.

Prevent Child Abuse Florida


In this episode, Heather Jones talks with Curtis Campogni, founder of Speak4MC. Every person plays a role in protecting Florida’s children. On The Pinwheel Podcast, we highlight policies, practices, and programs that reinforce protective factors and promote resilience. A consistent focus on protecting children, strengthening families, and empowering communities will generate a positive impact on the lives of all Floridians.

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