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"I hired Curtis Campogni for my annual conference after a well-known, high-profile speaker had a sudden schedule change. We coined Curtis as our “wild card” presenter.  Throughout the process of planning our meeting, Curtis was overwhelmingly professional, prompt and understanding of my program's unique needs and audience.  Curtis’ presentation ignited and inspired our staff after a long and very different year. Our staff laughed and engaged in ways we haven’t seen in a very long time. Thank you, Curtis."

Chesley Richardson - Training Manager


"Curtis has a natural ability and enthusiasm to engage his audience. It is a guarantee you will walk away from a training sessions motivated and ready to tackle your goals."

Ana Lewis - Vice President of Operations

FLINT (1).png

"Thank you Mr. C. The information reignited the fire, in addition to, verifying that we’re doing some things right."

Ali Cleaves - Senior Residential Advisor

Middle Aged Woman

"I have attended many conferences. Curtis Campogni’s presentation was one of the best I have ever attended!"

HFF 2021 Conference Attendee


"Curtis brings an unmatched energy to his trainings! Very knowledgeable and the group activities bring everything together. You'll leave with a renewed belief that everyone is capable of positive change."

Marquis Jolly - Restorative Justice Expert

Portrait of Senior Woman

"Your ability to personally engage and effectively train such a diversified group of people was a testimony to your abilities and mastery of Motivational Interviewing. Thank you!"

Ginny Barr - SCDC Director


"What happening Curtis! I just have to say that I’m glad we’re on the same team bro! Everyday, I’m reminded why MI is necessary! Thanks for the jewels."

Carl Adams - Director of Education and Training

Elegant Female

"I wanted more! Great job Curtis!"

MI Training Participant


"Curtis was my manager at the Eckerd Connects program Project Bridge. He is a collaborative leader and challenges his teams to reach new heights collectively and individually. Curtis leads his teams from a strength based approach while also challenging staff to change and adapt to new environments. He is dynamic, empathetic and an asset to any team."

Amanda Jacobson - Non-Profit Leader


"You made the content engaging and interesting. I felt inspired listening to you!"

Raven Taylor - HFF 2021 Conference Attendee

Happy Man

"Enjoyed role playing, provided a different perspective on working with young adults. I learned a lot about myself participating in the class."

MI Training Participant

Woman in Yellow

"Curtis is very knowledgeable. He made the information relatable to our field."

MI Training Participant

Mature Woman

"I have always gotten so much out of your MI Trainings, Curtis. They're dynamic, engaging, and best of all relevant.  You're leaving a legacy because you've made a difference. I have every confidence that whatever your next challenge, you will bring to it the same passion, intellect, and sense of humor you have gifted to Project Bridge.  It has been a pleasure getting to know you."

Carolyn Christenson - GED Instructor


"Very engaging. This was not your typical boring don't want to be there type of speaking engagement. It was informative, inclusive and exciting. Thank you for your time."

C6 Probation Supervisor - (Attended staff engagement presentation)


"Thank you for being such a charismatic, yet compassionate leader. I’m blessed to have worked with a lot of amazing people through the years, but none have come close to being a leader as potent as yourself. You have a way of engaging each employee in a personal way. The research you’ve done on both MI and leadership in general over the years shines through in how you show up for your organization, others and yourself."

Gordon Rojo - Transition Coordinator

Smiling Young Man

"The training was required, and I am glad it was. The knowledge will be useful in my job and my life."

MI Training Participant

Mature Businessman

"Great pace! Not slow or boring at all!"

MI Training Participant


"Curtis is to be highly commended for his great work in changing lives."

David Yates - Keynote Speaker/Author

Attractive Young Woman

"Curtis' training was very helpful in providing me ways to engage and change the mindset of my students."

MI Training Attendee

Woman's Portrait

"The information was great and presented in an awesome upbeat, down to earth manner!"

Virtual MI Training Attendee

Elegant Female

"Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you. Thank you for challenging me. You have been one of the greatest gifts of my time here. I chose Project Bridge for the opportunity to work with this population, but you are a huge reason that I have stayed. I really hope you know that. You are incredibly talented, compassionate, skilled and accessible. You are a very rare and wonderful leader and human being."

Cameron Gentle - Transition Coordinator

Male Portrait

"I'm not a man of many words when it comes to meetings and trainings. After 22 years in the army in combat arms you learn to listen. I relate to your trainings because you seem real and genuine and that motives me. Thank you."

Virtual MI Training Attendee

Smiling Man with Tie

“Our members learned so much and enjoyed some great laughs along the way. Looking forward to staying connected with Speak4MC.”

2021 AFP Conference Attendee


"Curtis is an amazing presenter who has learned the art of keeping his audience engaged. He has a passion for what he is presenting and it shows tremendously."

Fermeko Myles - HR Leader


"The training was awesome!  Curtis Campogni is engaging, passionate, and committed!  You could feel this through his presentation!  He inspired me to re-focus on my own purpose and my desire to help young people.  His training was not only good for the youth that I work with here at Job Corps but also for my children and their friends!"

Kristina Orban - Finance and Administration Director


"Speaker was fun, energetic, and very kind. Our center needs more enthusiasm like speaker provided."

Angela Taylor - Flint Job Corps

Woman with Arms Crossed

"Staff participation and engagement levels were great. Many staff complimented the training saying it was exactly what they needed; they felt refreshed and ready to go back to work with a new mindset!"

Verona Terry - Job Corps Workforce Specialist


"Mr. Campogni is awesome, engaging, thought-provoking and gives clear tools to make changes and produce results! Kudos sir!"

Jasmine Hawkins - Job Corps


"We really enjoyed working with Curtis and getting to know our staff even better through working with each other during the exercises. We look forward to participating in additional trainings in the future to help better support our staff!"

Juliana Jamison (Transition Supervisor)


"This training opened up my eyes and heart again, on how vulnerable our population truly is walking into our programs doors. We learned skills on how to navigate clients and help them start their change talk in their current now. I would highly recommend organizations to set aside two days to empower their staff and grow in the knowledge of Motivational Interviewing."

Social Work Coordinator, MSW


"As someone who has facilitated workshops and trainings for years, it can become challenging to maintain participation. It was indeed a pleasure to see someone deliver a workshop that captivates the audience. Good Job Curtis!"

Director of Program Services (Tampa, Clearwater, & St. Petersburg)


"Today's training was off the chain!!! The content is very informative. The presenter was very engaging throughout the training. Coming into this training I didn't know what to expect from it, but the takeaway was so much more than what I anticipated. Thanks!"

Youth Career Advisor - Michigan Works

Confident Businessman

"The training was very engaging and insightful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and positive attitude with us. The information learned has already proven helpful at my workplace."

C6 Probation Supervisor - (Attended staff engagement presentation)


"Speak4MC has engaging, bright presentations that are sure to encourage thought-provoking conversation and education on how to engage with customers. Their presentations are a "must experience" for anyone in the customer service industry."

Andrea Edwards - Flint Job Corps


"Curtis is an inspiring speaker. He speaks from the heart and is very passionate about his work and the work of those in the social service industry. Curtis has a positive energy about him that keeps audiences engaged while learning something they can apply with their staff."

C6 Supervisor - (Attended staff engagement presentation)


"If you are serious and passionate about learning useful and effective tools to build your team, this is the workshop for you! Curtis has many years of experience working with challenging populations but more importantly, managing and leading difficult employees. This training has given me an opportunity to see other ways I can lead and increase rapport with my team."

Carlo Malolos, Program Manager


"A excellent training that gives back what is needed for, the purpose of growth within ones self to become a leader, and the growth you give to others from your leadership within you."

Cheryl Stringer - Job Corps


"I have been recovery coaching for 7 years and have had motivational interviewing before, but it is always good to refresh. It is great to see that is available to me and the website has a lot of good information. Thank you so much!"

Life Coach - Michigan Works

Image by alex starnes

"It was a great presentation that offered skills and tips on how to better engage employees. Curtis was positive and kept staff engaged in the presentation."

C6 Probation Supervisor - (Staff engagement Training)


"The training was both engaging and appropriate for staff in all positions on a Job Corps Center."

Daniel Sheppard - Center Director


"Curtis was a total professional with a pleasant demeanor. Curtis engaged the class with pictures and stories of past classes. I am eager to put the knowledge I learned into action, as I learned some things about myself that will help me become a better listener and hopefully a great coach. Thank you Curtis for an awesome experience."

Patricia Rogers - NC Career Coach

Happy Woman

"The experience I received from the presentation was Phenomenal! I needed the ENERGY that the speaker gave! It was very Helpful ,Healing & Healthy!! Thank You!"

Samika B - Records Manager


"This was the first all staff that I really enjoyed. It was full of excitement that keep everyone engaged. Mr. Campogni knowledge of his presentation made is easy to follow and the information he provide will be use in my day to day life as well as work."

Anonymous Feedback - Attended Spirit of Engagement Session


"Mr. Campogni, I enjoyed your presentation very much, your knowledge, voice level and the way you got people to engage with excitement was great!! Thank you so much for being apart of our All Staff meeting."

Linda Wray - Job Corps


"The training was wonderful. I feel that I learned a lot and have more tools for my tool belt. It was also fun and interactive."

Senior Director of Foster Care for the NE Region of FL for OMC.


"As someone who works in direct care with youth, it was great to have a trainer who has experience working directly with youth and families. I have had trainers before who were trying to teach staff without having that direct care experience, which led to the material not being practical and understandable. You made the material easy to understand and apply to our daily work. Thank you!!!"

MI Training Attendee


"I loved the engagement of the audience and the tips to use when first meeting with clients/job seekers. It makes you take a step back and realize that even though we may have lots of experience in this field, it is still important to let your client lead their case plan or goals. Also, we should assist when needed but not force opinions and respect their boundaries and goals, which will assist in building rapport."

Career Coach - Michigan Works

logo_workone_Indy_AJCIN-1-1 (1).png

"He does a great job getting everybody to participate. Curtis also makes people laugh and enjoy the workshop. I am new and have meet several of my coworkers due to his trainings. Good Job!"

TAA Career Navigator

logo_workone_Indy_AJCIN-1-1 (1).png

"I really enjoy the workshop! He is super hyper and let's everyone make fools of themselves with no judgement."

Admissions Specialist

Elegant Female

"Loved the energy and engagement. He brought a lot of really great information and points to the discussion. I also appreciated how he could empathize with our work as he has experienced it for himself. Sharing stories is really how you reach people during these trainings."

Career Navigator (Largo, MD)


"Curtis is incredibly talented and engaging. His knowledge about what drives people personally and professionally makes these workshops so worth it! I look forward to the next one!"

Transition Coordinator

Prevent Child Abuse Florida


In this episode, Heather Jones talks with Curtis Campogni, founder of Speak4MC. Every person plays a role in protecting Florida’s children. On The Pinwheel Podcast, we highlight policies, practices, and programs that reinforce protective factors and promote resilience. A consistent focus on protecting children, strengthening families, and empowering communities will generate a positive impact on the lives of all Floridians.

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