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Developing Staff 1 Stage at a Time

Six Ways the Stages of Change Inspire Employee Growth

  • 6 hr
  • Varies
  • Onsite or Virtual

Service Description

Prochaska and DiClemente theorized working toward a new behavior or goal followed six predictable stages: Pre-Contemplation (I.E., no issue performance issue), Contemplation (I.E., considering there may be room for performance improvement), Preparation (I.E., deciding to improve performance), Action (I.E., taking steps to improve performance) Maintenance (I.E., maintaining improved performance) and Relapse (I.E., returning to old behaviors). When utilizing the Spirit of MI to assess a staff's readiness to change, supervisors have more intentional discussions, provide successful interventions, and assist them in uncovering options that promote their professional development. This 3-part workshop will help leaders identify each staff's stage of change and provide the most effective tools to inspire them to progress to the next.

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