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Unleashing Your Inner Creativity: Five Strategies to Foster Thinking

Creativity is often regarded as a skill bestowed upon a few. However, the truth is that being creative is something anyone can do. In today's purpose-driven world, where innovation is key, unlocking your creative genius is who you want to be. This article will challenge us to take five essential steps to unleash our creative minds and become the version that’s the best.

1. Embrace the Power of Control: To tap into your creative potential, being fully present is the key. You need to cultivate a focused mindset, but what does that really mean? Your ability to be creative is not dependent on your boss; it doesn’t require a raise, but it does require a cost. The price? You take full responsibility for prioritizing your free time; in other words, how much are you giving to your potential, and how much is given to “me-time.” You control what you create every single day. And remember, the most creative people at work understand how to operate in the gray.

2. Create a Curious Mindset: Curiosity is the hallmark of every creative thinker. Inquire about the world around you and be willing to change directions like a blinker. Ask questions, challenge assumptions, and explore different solutions. Be relentless when approaching problems, always searching for a resolution. The best ideas occur when curiosity and courage are blended with collaboration, optimism, and questions that are open-ended.

3. Embrace Diverse Experiences: To ignite your creative fire, expose yourself to creative peers. Travel to different destinations, do something weird. Exposure to diverse perspectives stimulates your brain, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking so you’ll never think the same. Even the most boring office has inspiration if you look really bad. In short, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always have.

4. Embrace Collaboration: Creativity thrives when ideas are built upon. Collaborate with others; don’t worry about being wrong. Gather coworkers or individuals and share new ways of thinking. This collaborative environment allows for a team of people to participate in dreaming. And, when a dream becomes a goal, the people around you start believing, which gives confidence to the dreams, inspiring them to continue conceiving. Meaning that whenever a new problem occurs, instead of complaining and scheming, it’s a team of innovative thinkers excited about convening.

5. Embrace Failure as a Stepping Stone: Finally, fear of failure often stifles the creative process. However, the freedom to fail is critical if given the appropriate context. Experimentation and taking risks are at the heart of creative endeavors. Because if you fail, you form an experience that provides you feedback on how to be better. Fall frontwards into failure because if you falter, you will find that the only fool-proof idea is one that never leaves your mind. Happy Haloween! 👻🦇🎃

(Go be creative)

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